Alcohol. Gambling. Drugs. Smoking.

Animal Rights

Animal Welfare. Wildlife Conservation. Animal Studies. Vegetarianism. Zoos and Aquariums.

Art and Culture

Visual Arts. Literary Arts. Performing Arts. Arts Criticism. Customs. Cultural Institutions.

Banking and Finance

Investing. Banking. Credit.

Children and Youth

Child abuse. Child labor. Teen dating violence.

Education and Learning

Higher education institutions. Education reform. Educators.


Natural resources. Conservation. Climate and weather.


Emotional and mental health. Nutrition. Obesity.

Human Rights

Citizenship. Democracy. Discrimination. Migration.

Gender and Sexual Rights

Womens and mens issues. Sexual identity and orientation. Sex workers.

Law and Ethics

Study and practice of law. Rule of law. Ethics and morality.

Media, News, and Communication

Journalism. Diversity in Media. Consumerism. Violence in Media. Media influence. Sensationalism.

Poverty and Globalization

Global economy. Free trade. Homelessness. Cycle of poverty.

Race and Indigenous Populations

Racism. Sovereignty. Anthropology. Cultural identity.

Religion and Beliefs

Spirituality. Religious discrimination. Government and religion.

Science and Technology

Physics. Mathematics. Computer programming. Space travel. Astronomy.

Sports, Recreation, and Leisure

Recreation. Fitness. Outdoor activities. Game clubs and societies.

Trade and Work

Trade groups. Professions. Work.

Vulnerable Populations

Elderly. Physically, emotionally, or mentally challenged.

War, Peace, and Conflict Resolution

Violence. Conflict. Negotiation. Mediation.